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Defining our relationships

When it comes to our connections with others. We usually describe these relations as either friendly or romantic. But sometimes, we find ourselves in certain relations with others, making it confusing to define what they mean. Nowadays, we have all sorts of labels to help our own interpretation. Yet, not everybody feels comfortable using them. So what happens when those lines become blurred? What do we do when something feels beyond our understanding but makes us who we are? And how do we explain it to ourselves and others?

As complex as our human behaviour may be, it is natural. By nature, we are emotional creatures. And our emotions are the drivers of our behaviour, both consciously and unconsciously. They tell us what is important or unimportant. Making one of the most complex parts of our human lives our relationships. And sometimes, we scratch our heads trying to figure out why we and others do what we do.

Navigating these relationships are occasionally confusing. Especially the one with ourselves. And understanding ourselves is mandatory when defining our relationships.

To truly define and experience fulfilling relationships, we need to feel comfortable and connected with ourselves emotionally, sexually and romantically. Our relationships are a source of deep satisfaction. And they originate from one of our most empathic emotion. Love.

Love comes in many forms. It's an emotion that makes us feel and do many things. But whatever its manifestation for our behaviour. Love is accurate. It defines what form of relationships we experience throughout our lives. Bridging our happiness and sadness. It also drives our romantic and sexual attraction to others. And sometimes, our romantic and sexual orientations don't work together. Making people's sexual identities and romantic orientations fluid and resistive to easy classification, as it changes in different circumstances over time.

So when it comes to defining our relationships. We need to take a lot of things into account. But first, we need to open our minds to possibilities. As a rule of thumb for many other growth areas in our lives, we must let go of many things we were taught. For example, our sexual or romantic partners at any given moment in time do not define who we are.

We must embrace the simple fact that we are humans who love and can be loved. And that nothing else matters except our happiness.

It doesn't matter what box we can fit our relationships into or what labels we can use. Love is a universal emotion and language. And we define our relationships as an extension of our love. Bringing true fulfilment throughout our lives. So just make sure that you feel happy about whatever form of relationship you decide to experience. No matter what box or label you can use, you decide what your relationships mean to you.